You have all the ideas. You can talk for days. When a client asks you a question, you’re right there, talking it through with them.

But when it comes to writing a blog post? Sitting there trying to pull stuff out of your head? It’s more like pulling your hair out!

I understand that you have fantastic ideas, but they don’t always wind up as a blog post. Let’s capitalize on your knowledge by making sure you’re operating in your zone of genius.

My job is to take your words, however you want to express them, and get them down “on paper.” We can dialogue, you can send me videos, or you can talk into a recorder while you’re driving and send me the file!

As long as you practice “safe talking,” I don’t care how you get the words to me!

Or—you might enjoy writing, but you need someone to take a few blog posts off your hands right now. Maybe you just haven’t got the time. Well then, let me make it easy for you.

I’ve developed a done-with-you system where we get on Zoom to toss ideas back and forth, then I go away with the outlines and produce finished blog posts for you. You check them over, and . . . they’re done! Off your mind. Off your plate. On to bigger and better things!

one small post.png

Getting a few thoughts down. Includes strategy call, one round of revisions, and proofing. $295

one large post.png

Putting some meat on the bones. Includes strategy call, one round of revisions, and proofing. $495

two large posts.png

All the bells and whistles! Includes two strategy calls, multiple rounds of revisions, and proofing. $995


Don’t see what you need? Custom packages available. Talk to me!


“I fully endorse Carolyn Masson! I hired her to write a blog post for me and she really showed up. As a copywriter, it’s hard to outsource writing; I need to work with really good writers. We did a 30-minute brain dump and she took all the information I gave her and turned it into a really cohesive long-form blog post. I loved it! I’m so happy with her work. Carolyn saved me so much time and I can’t wait to work with her again.” — Tarzan Kay, Launch Strategist and Copywriter

“I'm a perfectionist with my own stuff, so it would take me literally two weeks to write one blog post and I would overdo it, overthink it, and it would never get done. That's what was happening before I hired Carolyn. Now I’ve got blog posts and emails finished and scheduled weeks in advance!” — Cindy Hohman, Art Marketing Project



“It was a great pleasure to work with Carolyn. She took the time to understand my topic and the message I wanted to get across in my article. The whole process was very smooth, and the result is amazing! I highly recommend working with Carolyn!” — Aggie Wojciechowska, Business Finance Coach